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Neck Therapy

Wellness Services

Office Visit / Virtual Office Visit


Required labs charged separately.

Hormone Optimization


For men & women, low T, menopause, PCOS.

Medical Weight Loss


Peptide Therapy, Prolon

IV Nutrient Therapy


Ozone, High vitamin C, Myers, detox, hydration, antiinflammation & more

Vitamin Injections


MIC-B12, Vit D, Vit C, Glutathione

Sexual Wellness Peptide Therapy


Peptide therapy pairs with Bioidentical Hormone therapy.

PEMF with FIR Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency – Far Infrared Therapy

PEMF Therapy is the ultimate solution for those who want to boost their body's natural functions and healing processes. With the use of a PEMF device, you can enjoy a wide range of biological and cellular benefits, including enhanced circulation of oxygen and nutrients in your cells and waste elimination. This treatment has received the FDA's approval and has proven its ability to relieve inflammation and pain and promote nerve regeneration. Additionally, it can help reduce muscle tension and swelling while further aiding in healing damaged tissues and fractures.

Far Infrared (FIR)

Our therapy mat employs both PEMF and Far Infrared technology. Far-Infrared Rays are energy waves that can penetrate the skin's surface, gently raising the body's temperature to 107.6F/42C or higher. This can enhance the functions of various body systems. Furthermore, Far Infrared can expand capillaries, increasing blood flow and promoting regeneration. It can also improve skin complexion and oxygen circulation.


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