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Love Skin Holistic Med Spa

Optimal Health Clinic, Medical Spa, Holistic Estheticians, Integrated Dermatology, Natural & Organic Skin Care, Laser Hair Removal

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Optimal Health Clinic


Holistic, Integrated Skin Care Specialists

Achieve Optimal Health and Beauty with Love Skin Holistic Med Spa

Love Skin Holistic Med Spa is your one-stop destination for holistic skin care, optimal health, and beauty treatments. Our licensed and certified naturopathic doctors and holistic estheticians will work with you to understand your health and beauty goals and provide the best treatments for you.

Holistic Skin Care Solutions

At Love Skin, we provide personalized and confidential services to assist you in making informed decisions. Our compassionate team is committed to addressing your unique needs and priorities. We offer a variety of effective treatments such as alternative acne solutions, laser hair removal, IPL facials, non-invasive anti-aging procedures, chemical peels, and non-surgical facelifts. You can rely on us to deliver customized solutions that cater to your specific requirements.

Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Treatments

At Love Skin, our dedicated team of professionals is committed to offering the most effective non-surgical and non-invasive anti-aging treatments. Our expert techniques, which include PDO Threads, PRF Injections, Dermal Fillers, Tox, and Sculptra, are designed to effectively diminish fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and other indicators of aging.

Optimal Health Care Clinic

We take a holistic approach to healthcare, with a focus on improving your overall well-being. Our expert services include personalized nutrition counseling, effective pain management techniques, empowering lifestyle coaching, stress-relieving programs, and detoxification plans that help you feel your best. Experience the difference our integrated approach can make in your life.


Extraordinary Services

Holistic skincare, laser treatments, body sculpting, chemical peels, radio-frequency skin tightening, micro-needling, IV therapy, Ozone Therapy, PEMF, hormone optimization therapy, and more.

Home of Love Skin Botanicals™️ natural, organic, and vegan skincare products. Medical grade, non-toxic, and contain no petroleum or artificial fragrance. All Love Skin Botanicals products are cruelty-free and are clinically tested on willing humans. 

  • Science-Based, Medically Advanced

  • Plant Activated

  • No Petroleum, Parafin or Mineral Oil

  • No Artificial Fragrance

  • Vegan Ingredients

  • Clinically Tested on Willing Humans™

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What They Say

“Love this spa! Have been coming here for years for facials and more recently IPLs—Diana is the best! So knowledgeable and talented. Their in-house skincare line is delicious and all-natural too.."

~ Lindsay R.

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